Is there a way to make light shafts visible from all angles?

I want to make the sun rays shine through windows with curtains moving on the way, normal plane rays would just go through the cloth, I want the rays to be dynamic while wind is moving the curtains. I’d do it with plane shafts as well if there is a blueprint solution (I just cant think of one right now). Any tips how to achieve this effect?

Use volumetric fog, it will calculate the shafts of light through the air so it will look accurate and dynamic.

Nvidia also have nice Volumetric light shafts

Thanks, any clue why volumetric fog not working for me tho? Enabling it and its settings do literally nothing and I tried spotlight, fog etc. 4.19.2

UE4 volumetric fog works with all light types

Is there maybe a template project where it is used, it literally is not working for me and I see people with same problem in videos with no answer.

You have to have an exponential height fog actor in your level, with its volumetric settings enabled. This will serve as the “participating media” that the light with scatter through, providing a volumetric medium for light shafts to form in. If you don’t want ambient fog but do want light shafts, you can set the density in the exponential height fog to be lower, and your volumetric lighting intensity of your light actors to be much higher, which should allow for stronger shafts to form. Bear in mind that open areas without shadow-casting obstructions will still look foggy due to the volumetric light filling up the scene.

Alright, found my problem. The feature does not work under high shadow settings. Thanks for explaining how to make it work.