Is there a way to generate even lighting from a volume?

I recall in UDK, various volumes could generate lighting at a constant level. I used to use it for a minimum intensity, but now I want to use it because I have a complex surface that is supposed to glow as if it was radioactive. Lighting it with normal lights would require probably 20-40 lights because of the size and complexity.

If you are talking about emissive static lighting in UDK it has been added with 4.6. All you need to do is to enable Use Emissive for Static Lighting in the actor’s properties before you build the lights.

I’ve tried both. I don’t know if my emissive isn’t bright enough or what, but it didn’t work and unlike UDK, you can’t boost this.
Post processing only works if you’re in the volume. I can’t have it do that because it needs to be limited to an area, but visible outside of that.

Wouldnt it also be possible to add a post processing volume that adds emissive effects to its environment?

Can you post a screenshot of that specific area and your material setup for the emissive mesh?

Weird. I’ve just tested a cube with a basic emissive material on it in a closed room and it works perfectly. Could you try replacing the material with an opaque material with a green 3Vector attached to the emissive please and see how that works?

If that doesnt work out either a workaround for you; You can use long tube light sources along the walls and a point light in the middle to imitate the overall glowing effect.

This is one of the areas. I would like a nice glow around it. It will be used in several areas though.

First half of the shader. This side rotates the textures and generates ripples and waves.

This is the other half of the shader.

Cool, if it works then go for it. :slight_smile:

I tried a material with a 0,2,0 emissive and the glow is right. However I don’t like the way it looks.
I just discovered that you can get better results by creating a material instance even if you don’t have any parameters. There is an emissive boost in there. Using my same material with an emissive boost of 10 it starts to show up. I think a value of 15 or 20 might do it.

I appear to need multiple instances. Some brighter than others. Indoor/outdoor type things.

While it doesn’t appear to be possible from a volume you can use emissive for lighting. If it isn’t bright enough, create a material instance. The instance will let you set an emissive boost.