Is there a way to add more Textures to a UMaterialFactory?

I’m trying to expand the “Create New Material using this Texture” function in the editor. Instead of creating many materials it should create a single one containing all of the selected textures.
It’s already implemented using a single file:

UMaterialFactoryNew* Factory = NewObject();

Factory->InitialTexture = Object;

FContentBrowserModule& ContentBrowserModule =

ContentBrowserModule.Get().CreateNewAsset(Name, FPackageName::GetLongPackagePath(PackagePath), UMaterial::StaticClass(), Factory);

The InitialTexture is always linked to the Base Color Input of the Main Material Node. I couldn’t solve it yet but there has to be a way to add more texture files and link them to different inputs like metallic for example. I’ve already read several similar posts but I’m still lost.
Thanks in advance!

Or some kind of workaround?

solved it :slight_smile: