Is particle rendering affected by VR at all?

I’m using the Vive headset strictly as a tracking device to orient a point cloud data-set. The user is supposed to use the computer screen as the monitor. Motion controllers are used for selecting sections of the point cloud to render as particles. I’m grabbing the cameras transform and placing particles directly in front of the camera with UGameplayStatics::SpawnEmitterAttached()

Everything works fine in editor when I have the HMD disabled. I’m able to enable the HMD, grab the location and rotation, and then disable it right after. When I leave the HMD enabled, or I try to create a build of the game, I don’t end up seeing any particles on the screen. I am not spawning particles from the same actor I’m controlling the HMD from, so I know it’s not an issue relating to an inherited parent transform. I’m adding particles in world coordinates with the scene as the root node.

I used UGameplayStatics::SpawnEmitterAtLocation() to fix the issue.