Is nobody else getting right eye shadow flicker?

This has been a rather annoying bug that starting showing up in 4.14. Every once in a while, usually based on player position and head rotation, shadows in the right eye will either disappear, or render incorrectly. I honestly cannot figure out what is causing this. How do I set the vr preview window to show the right eye so I can make a video of this issue? Is anyone else having these problems with right eye shadows? The left eye remains perfect.

I’ve noticed it a few times too… actually i have another artefacts flickering towards the top of the viewport. Not sure it’s related though, and something i plan on investigating more, but for now i just ignored it.

Same, have seen it from time to time, but never had it appear in a packaged game so far.

I think I am going to try and take a video for proof. Like yall I have been ignoring it until know.

I recorded a short video here

Did anybody find a workaround to this? I’m in UE5.0 but it looks like this has been around for awhile…

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Has anyone been able to reproduce this in a packaged build?

Yes, I just brought up my VRTemplate project in 5.0, packaged it, ran the exe, and it’s the same thing - the right eye has super glitchy shadows, exactly the same behavior as the video I posted.

It’s literally just the VR Template, then adding a 'Set Spectator Screen Mode → undistorted" node to the VRGameMode so I could capture video of the busted right eye. No other changes. It’s so obvious, and with such a simple example that it must be an issue with some particular setups? I’m running Windows 10, and an HTC Vive. GTX980Ti.

Other things to check related to shadow flickering would be for any sort of shadow distance threshold or having more lights on an object than are allowed (more noticeable on big assets near lots of dynamic lights).

They don’t sound like the problem given how simple your scene setup is though.

Can you reproduce it in 4.27? The reason why I’m asking is because 4.27 is technically further into XR development than UE5 EA.

No, just after I posted my video a week ago I just switched to 4.27 because I don’t “need” anything from 5.0 (I mean, I WANT, haha but not need) and it works fine in 4.27.

Yeah, the setup is simple, and if it was something like that I’d expect the problem to affect both eyes - maybe not in sync, but I mean you’d expect the shadow bugs to happen intermittently in either eye, as opposed to being 100% always in the right eye.