Is nobody else getting right eye shadow flicker?

This has been a rather annoying bug that starting showing up in 4.14. Every once in a while, usually based on player position and head rotation, shadows in the right eye will either disappear, or render incorrectly. I honestly cannot figure out what is causing this. How do I set the vr preview window to show the right eye so I can make a video of this issue? Is anyone else having these problems with right eye shadows? The left eye remains perfect.

I’ve noticed it a few times too… actually i have another artefacts flickering towards the top of the viewport. Not sure it’s related though, and something i plan on investigating more, but for now i just ignored it.

Same, have seen it from time to time, but never had it appear in a packaged game so far.

I think I am going to try and take a video for proof. Like yall I have been ignoring it until know.