Is Niagara actively being worked on?

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to find any information as if Niagara is actively being worked on and will have updates. I used it in my game to create a simple wind effect 10x simpler than in Cascade. I hope this so.

Yeah. See this: Programmable VFX with Unreal Engine's Niagara | GDC 2018 | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Supposedly a preview of all that will be available in 4.20.

EDIT: Guess @Zeblote was faster than me and I forgot to refresh the page :smiley:
Yes Niagara is being worked on at the moment. There was a huge showcase at GDC this march and it looked amazing. Also its on the trello board! I expect a (beta)release in 4.20 or 4.21!

Zeblote is correct we’ll be in early access in 4.20. The version released will have all of the features from the GDC presentation plus some new stuff that didn’t make the cut for GDC. If you’re feeling adventurous our dev-stream is now mirrored to the official UE4 git-hub and will have the latest state. There are still some fixes we need to make before 4.20, but it’s a pretty good representation of what will be there if you’re willing to endure some instability and the effort of compiling the engine yourself.