Is it possible to use the unlit viewmode or something similar and use post process materials?

I have an underwater wavy screen effect and a transition effect between levels that outlines all meshes before transitioning, but these don’t work with the unlit viewmode. Is it possible to make these effects all work together?

This is one of the effects that doesn’t work in unlit viewmode.

Unlit viewmode is for debugging, you won’t see any post process there. For the post process to work with unlit objects - you have to set object materials to unlit and use them in normal viewmode.

I would just make the materials unlit and adjust the emmisive, but this effect doesn’t work on unlit materials. So if everything is an unlit material, then the effect just doesn’t display at all. Is it possible to get the unlit look while still making these outlines possible? I’m using this effect for transitions.