Is it possible to move a light from a level to another?

Hi there!
I’m facing the issue that we’ve used a different level to set up the lighting vs. the actual level we’re using. That way, we could work at the same time (lighting artist & environnement artist), on the same scene, and commit everything through a subversion software without getting conflict.

Now we are facing the issue that we need to move the lights setup from the ‘‘ongoing level’’ to the ‘‘actual level’’ without re-entering every values in the final scenery.

So, is it possible to move a light created on a specific level to another level without losing its settings?
Thanks alot for your answers! Cheers.

well here is a possible solution. This would do it but would be a little challenging to get working. So If I where in your position I would use World composition. This way you can have the levels streamed to one another, and you can move assets between levels. Then after you finish you just remove the extra levels and turn world comp off. This is just a real brute force solution.
Another way would be to use a BP, that might be simpler, just convert your light into a BP on the spot and reuse that.