Is it possible to make 3d UMG widgets never get occluded?

I’ve got a couple widget components, which serve as UI, parented to the user camera in VR.

  • They ignore the pitch of the camera so the player has to look up or down to seem them.

  • They are located a certain distance away from the camera so the player doesn’t feel all caged in. Because of offset, they’ll clip through world geometry though.

Is there any easy way to make it so they never get occluded? I just want them to always be visible unless I hide them myself.

I tried to move them within the player’s collision capsule, but making it so they don’t clip out I have position them too close for comfort.


  • find material in the engine content: Widget3DPassThrough
  • duplicate it and move it to your project.
  • open the material and Disable Depth Test in the advanced part of the Translucency tab
  • assign material to your widget component
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I apologize for not having seen sooner. Followed your steps, and it worked perfectly the first time. Thank so much for your time, Everynone.

Sorry if had already been covered somewhere. Fwiw, I did search around for about 30m~1h before posting.

Thanks again!

No worries, happy to help!

Cool, but now I have the problem that the WidgetInteraction ray is not render on the menù, but behind that.

@Sean Maxhell
The widgets I applied the pass through material to were non-interact-able.
I’ve never done that before, so I don’t know how to help. I’d suggest you make a new thread for your issue (or maybe go to the UE4 Slackers discord and ask the people in the VR group), that way you’d get more visibility, because my title doesn’t really detail your issue.