Is it possible to have more than one host on the same computer?

I want to test the connections with the host.
Basically I wanted to check if after disconnecting from a host I could connect to another host without problems.
However, on my computer I can only connect to one host.

I mean.
I create two sessions with two different hosts.

SessionId [Null:1 (B1388C684E732A5264E1D78115F8538A)] → HOST1
SessionId [Null:2 (F0C620604FAF990C40FA3E9DDB138A64)] → HOST2

But the client only connects to one host regardless of the session chosen.
The function GetResolvedConnectString() always returns this URL=>XXX.XXX.X.XXX:7777

Can’t I run two hosts on the same computer? Or yes? How?

Thank you so much!!


I think the first server monopolized the IP:Port and did not release it.
Or the second server wasn’t able to use it… this is goint to be a problem to do the test.

Is there a way to change/choose the port at runtime?
Maybe if I configure the servers to listen on different ports it works.

Possible solution… i going to try it.


it does not work.
I can lunch two servers in differents ports but the client want to connet to only one port… so it is a FAIL!!

Any way to get this function return the rigth port?