Is it possible to have a pawn that walks using nav mesh, that is not a character?

Is it possible to have a pawn that walks using nav mesh, that is not a character?

do you mean walking at random location inside the navmesh bounds?

Then on event begin play call that function to repeat the ai move randomly

Thanks for your reply mrlz, however that was not what I meant. That being said, this is something I was eventually going to do, so thanks for the great info!

On another note, in my email I got two replies to this question, and one was right! However, that answer isn’t appearing here, so I’ll repeat it:

“Yes, you can use a normal pawn with the Floating Movement Component. You can then call the “Move to Location or Actor” node on it and it should work just fine as long as you have a navmesh in the level.” Credit to Stormrage256

I’ll wait a day or so for Storm to take credit, if not i’ll mark this as answer.

Hi Colugo, I removed the answer because while the FloatingPawnMovement works perfectly fine on movement along the nav mesh, I wasn’t sure if it had an Orient Rotation to Movement parameter like the CharacterMovement component.

After taking a look at it today, it doesn’t seem to have the said option. But you can instead use the Use Controller Rotation Pitch/Yaw/Roll. For AI pawns, both parameters yield identical results, but for player pawns (due to the presence of cameras), they function slightly differently. You can read more about it here: Difference between "Orient Rotation to Movement" and "Use Controller Desired Rotation" - #2 by Jared_Therriault - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

And btw you can mark this as the answer if it provided the info you were looking for.

Thanks for the answer plus additional info on it Storm!