Is it possible to group stationary lights to use a single shadowmap channel?

I am working on lighting a level that uses primarily stationary lights, as they all must be able to turn on and off. But I’m having a lot of trouble getting the desired effect without overlapping the bounds of more than 4 lights, which forces additional lights to use whole scene dynamic shadows (indicated by the red X through the light icon).

Many of these lights will be controlled as groups that will turn on and off (or be adjusted in any other way) together at all times, but it is necessary for my desired effect to have the lights radiate from different points.

Is it possible to group multiple stationary point or spot lights together so that they calculate their shadows together onto a single channel of the distance field shadowmap, and then are required to have their properties adjusted as a group? If so, this would allow me to put multiple stationary light sources close together, provided they are controlled as a unit.

Thanks in advance!

Hello all!
This looks very interesant.
Have we any news on this?