Is it Possible to create a Plugin which will convert any blueprint to a readable C++?

I am currently looking for a plugin which can help me in learning process, I am an advance user of Blueprints, but I know Blueprints are slow and I want to develop in blueprints but at the same time I want a plugin which can convert my blueprints into readable C++ .

I am aware about Native code generator, this is not what I need, Native code generator is useless at all, a small print string function converts to 100 lines of code with tons of switch statements, is really not a good idea. :smiley:

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The problem is that, what blueprints does, is that much work.
It does all of that, to make the code “safe” and “convenient.”
There’s no way for the C++ generator to “know” what the intent is. If it makes simplifying assumptions, then some things that work in Blueprint will stop working when converted.

It would be possible to do things like profile all usage at runtime, and “know” what the actual use cases that come up, are, and then guide the code generation. That would require changing the Blueprint VM itself, though – something a plugin can’t do without code changes to the engine.
It’s also possible to let the developer “guide” the generator – “these assumptions should be OK for my game” – to simplify the code that’s generated. That’s something that could be developed in a plugin. However, the effort to develop robust “guides” that work for your particular game/usage, and the effort to maintain the guided code generation, would easily outstrip the effort of just writing the code in C++ in the first place.

Blueprint is for setting class defaults, configuring assets, and wiring up events / dispatchers. If you need significant logic, drop into C++. You’ll probably be better off tuning that iteration loop, which is now quite nice, especially with hot realoading option in the lower-right corner menu in the UE5 editor being default!

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Thank You for detailed information, I really appreciate it.
I actually asked because I am new to C++ and I really love that language, I am trying my hard to learn it from every aspect, I am posting my blueprint graphs everyday to get help from peoples to convert it, waiting for hours and day to convert them… this is why I thought it would be cool to have one plugin, at least to get basic idea from nodes to write them in C++.

Thank You once again .

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Have you tried the Unreal Learning Paths?
Here is one you may find informative. I have been through several of these on this topic of conversion. This course may help you see all of the nuances of the conversion and where you may wish to try your hand at some of it.
[Introduction to Blueprint vs C++ - Converting Blueprint to C++ (]
[Converting Blueprint to C++ | Course]
Good Luck with your learning journey


I am now watching it and I hope it will help me. Thank You for the help )


If you still are looking for a blueprint to C++ converter I have a prototype and am looking for community feedback on what nodes users find most valuable. If you have any nodes that you would like to be prioritized you can let me know in my post.
Blueprint To C++ Conversion Plugin

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