Is it possible to add a rim lighting effect to a material?

I think it is doable if you Lerp 2 values with a fresnel node(and set it’s values so that the glow appears only on the edges) for emissive.

Hmm, i read your post again and this works for the whole mesh. But then, you can use your texture to mask instead of fresnel to Lerp between two values.

Can you post a picture of what you are after if none of these work please?

Yep, just throw in a fresnel node, and multiply that by a color and plug it either into your BaseColor or your Emissive. If it’s in base color it cant be very bright but will be affected by lighting. If it’s in emissive it can be bright but wont be affected by light.

You can also plug the pixel normal node into the normal of the fresnel to have it react to your normal map.

Most of my game engine experience has been making dota 2 items and in that you’re able to use a texture to determine the brightness of a rim light effect on parts of your texture. Is there any way to get a rim light effect in an ue4 material?

Thanks for the quick reply, this definitely seems to be heading the direction I was looking for. Right now I’m just having trouble pushing the fresnel effect out of the center which I’m assuming would be controlled by the lerp values or multiplying by the color as you guys mentioned but I’m unsure how to do either of those things. :slight_smile:

here’s what it’s looking like at the moment and here’s a link to what i’m trying to achieve.

Sorry, should have been more clear on Lerp. :slight_smile:

Press and hold L then click on the canvas and you’ll get Lerp(Linear Interpolation) node. Plug fresnel(or your mask texture) to Alpha and adjust the values inside the Lerp node(or connect whatever you want to mask and interpolate to A and B inputs)

Looking at the pdf, i think you won’t need fresnel for this. There is a glowy part on your hammer it seems, so you’ll need a mask(Self-Illumination texture as it says there) for that part and use it for the Alpha of the Lerp, then connect it to Emissive.

Thanks! I think I’ve finally got my brain wrapped around it now. :slight_smile:

I am a fan of Dota2. You want to add rim light effects to the material, you can learn the functions here. Hope to be useful to you.