Is it ok to exceed the TextureStreamingPool?

Hello everyone, I have been using megascans to build my world in unreal for a game, this game is almost complete, it’s multiplayer

I am exceeding the TextureStreamingPool by a ≈ 200 mb at max

  • is this bad for performance?
  • will the game run for other people?
  • is this a red flag?
  • do most games exceed it? by how much?

My game runs fine on PIE, but when I add more players on listen server, my fps drops, but I think this is happening because I’m running the game twice, not a real scenario.

You will almost always get this message once you get going.

The default streaming pool size is 1G, which ANYONE is going to exceed.

A crap GPU will have 2G, so you’re fine expanding it to at least there. You can use console command

r.Streaming.PoolSize 2000

It’s also related to the amount of time you’ve been using the editor and looking at textures. In the editor, the streaming pool doesn’t get cleared, but it does in a packaged build.

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