Is Epic secretly working on Unreal Engine 5 ?

They’re actually working on UE6 and Tim Sweeney told me it’s going to be a UWP exclusive.

Stephen, it’s so secret that most of the Epic staff doesn’t know about it. Check for hidden underground base access somewhere around your offices:)
Look for a door label that tags “SUPER SECRET UE5 INITIATIVE”


Speaking of very distant future for unreal engine 4.Which version will appear after version 4.99,4.100 or rather 5.00 of unreal engine 5?

Numbers go forever

One could argue that Unreal 5 is called “Unreal Studio” and it isn’t for games lol :stuck_out_tongue:

They should just get rid of the version number, it is simply the Unreal Engine. Even if they revamp everything it would still be UE.

Even though that would make sense, it wouldn’t be comfortable if there’d be a serious paradigm shift, like totally different scripting language instead of BP, revamped editor windows, entirely different models and logic - in which case, you wouldn’t be able to find anything version-specific. Like you wanted to know how to make a conveyor belt in the new system, but since it’d be called Unreal Engine the same way instead of UE5, you could only find a bunch of resources of UE4, which might be entirely irrelevant as the new system would work in a totally different way.

Most of the marketing has it as just Unreal Engine, but the version number will always be necessary to keep track of releases. They may even jump to version 5 without doing any significant update compared to what they’ve previously done.

there is no unreal engine 5. Unreal studio is secretly UE5.

Yeh we are probably need to upgrade our pc to a NASA super computer.:rolleyes:

That’s true. Like, what if the AI made an error and made the game not how you wanted it?

The most obvious answer is you’ll get Unreal Engine 5 when we run out of numbers for 4. So I guess when we get to version 4.99 then we will see ue5.

That sounds like a horrible concept, version numbers ain’t affect the development cycle.
Also, there are a “few” numbers above 99 too. There was 4.1, 4.2, …, 4.9, and there came 4.10. Why couldn’t there be 4.100 after 4.99?
Also, there are 78 versions left until 4.100, with more or less 4 per year, which is 19.5 years in total. I really doubt that we’ll stick to version 4 for 20 years.

Now it’s official

Maybe the AI building environments will come in Unreal Engine 6…

Well I am disappointed they are still sticking with heightmap like terrain, it still hasn’t got any decent voxelbased terrain… meanwhile Unity has a few decent ones to choose from.

Also no native middle ground sanity of C# support, stuck with the extremes of C++ or blueprints… just terrible really, and for that reason I’ll stick with the other engine.

You have no idea whats in UE5, but you are already complaining? We know nothing apart from Chaos/Nanite/Lumen being in, and it being able to import UE4 projects…