Is Epic secretly working on Unreal Engine 5 ?

Hi. According to Wikipedia, Unreal Engine 4 development started in 2003. Could Epic already work on a successor ?

I think UE5 could feature:

  • fully voxel-based world

  • neural networks simulations that could procedurally generate content

  • life-like graphics

  • developing a game in UE5 could be like some sort of conversation with an AI

    It could be something like this


but with engine smart enough to generate dynamic lightning and content on the go

What do you think ?

I doubt UE4 was in development in 2003 since that was before even any games were released with UE3. I would guess that they won’t do a completely different engine unless there’s some type of technology that’s significantly different that requires it. One of the big deals with UE4 was that the old engine depended on a lot of third-party components and they needed to remove those so that they could make the source available, otherwise they probably wouldn’t have done such a big overhaul. I would imagine they will reduce the emphasis on calling it Unreal Engine 4 and just call it Unreal Engine in the future.

To save other people from clicking that link. It’s one of the extremely annoying “unlimited detail” videos.

The technology they are showing off isn’t really suited for modern games, it’s also not anything new and there’s a lot limitations to it.

No. If there ever is a UE5, it will either be a long time from now or just a slightly larger update to the current engine.

The time off big monolithic releases is no more. Software are continually updated services.

Epic has long term plans to make the engine more modular, with one of the main benefits being easier maintainability and extensibility. They can and will gradually update and replace systems when they begin to show their age. Sound is apparently next up.

Every time new DirectX is released, there’s someone working on a new engine based on it.
Dx12 is out there for a while and I am pretty sure Tim Sweeney is doing his stuff he always does with new Dx/OGL (research)…
Eventually that stuff is released and they may call it UE5 and expand on it just like they did with UE4 if the market is in good shape for that.
Keep in mind they always say that current version is the last one just like it’s the last show of The Cure and Hideo Kojima’s last game, for obvious commercial reasons they will always tell that it is the las one for sure;
Wait and see what happens when Dx11 becomes outdated like Dx9c is now :slight_smile:

Oh and every time someone talk about euclideon BS a baby dolphin dies somewhere…

Hopefully we don’t have to wait for a new engine to take full advantage of DX12, I’m pretty sure almost everyone here is waiting for full DX12 and/or Vulkan (for PC) support in UE4.

No point of making useless version bumps, i think Unreal will reach even to version 4.100.x but just progressive features/optimizations/changes.

Well if you take something from Wikipedia, do it right:

Source: Unreal Engine - Wikipedia
As @BrUnO XaVIeR]( pointed out, God Sweeney is probably working on some next-gen sweets that could evolve into UE5 at some point in the far future. But with most companies moving to a Software-as-a-service model, I don*t think there will be a UE5.

Are you sure that you want this? :smiley:

If the AI is capable of creating the game, it would be just another small step to replace you entirely. There’s no reason to have a human tell the AI what game to create when it can do that by itself.

I’ve also heard they are including “Make MMO” button and thought identification interface in UE5.

Yeah, I remember that one.Some even suggested that it was even ¨¨atom scanning¨¨¨but in the end it was just another form of photogrammetry.

Don’t worry AI may wipe us out entirely.
You can’t be out of a job if you’re toast… :stuck_out_tongue:

More like using photogrammetry in the worst way possible.

They are not removing any lighting information.
Reflections and shadows are baked in.
Scanned real world assets are less useful if artists cannot make them into something new. Artists can alter, combine, reuse, and edit polygons, there’s no great tools for editing point clouds unless you want to turn everything into a sculptable mesh.
The file size for 3d point clouds are huge. Do you really expect players to download a 100 GB game that’s the size of maybe a single football field at most? Unique detail is great, but data needs storage.
Unless you are going to just use polygons for everything but the actual graphics, you’d have to rebuild everything from the ground up, animation, facial animation, collision, physics, lighting, shadows, etc.

Nope. We are currently fully dedicated to UE4 and our internal projects being developed on UE4. :slight_smile:


It’s funny how they never show a realtime video. Unlimited detail that’s based on (limited) laser scan data. lelelelel

Back to topic:
I hope there won’t be a new engine any time soon. Instead upgrade UE4 with new technologies. I want UE to stay free :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah! Then the AI makes games for itself :smiley:

Yes, maybe we can get our “Make Game” button, FINALLY

Personally I’d rather Epic Games was secretly working on better C++ Documentation, but thats just me.


The fact that an UE staff member took the time to reply to this post is baffling to me, hell it’s baffling that i’m writing here!