Invisible Rect Light

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use a Rectangular Light, and have it be visible.
I have a roof made out of semi-transparent glass panes, and I placed a rectangular light above it.
The Rectangular Light does work in the sense that it illuminates the room (otherwise it would be pitch black in it), but it is not visible as a light source when looking directly at it (I would like to be able to tell that there is light coming from above the glass, kind of as if a giant TV was on top of the glass panes).

Is there a way to make that light appear as bright when players look up to the roof?

Here is what my roof looks like with a rect light.

For comparison, here is what it looks like when I add a point light above the glass panes. It is much more obvious that there is a light in that situation.
For info, in that picture the Rect Light as at 100 cd while the point light is at 40 cd.


It sounds like you want to see an actual source for the light? You would do that through an emissive material. Your rect light might also be flipped the wrong way, but I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do. Rect lights work like a spot light in that they only emit direct lighting in a particular direction, determined by the rotation and size.

Yep, you are absolutely right, I needed to use an emissive material.
Thanks for your help!