Intellisense not picking up IOnlineSubsystem

Not much to it other then that. I have my code working with the IOnlineSubsystem::Get() and it’s actually returning something other than null, haven’t gone further then that. Problem I’m having is that intellisense refuses to accept that IOnlineSubsytem exists, it just gives me squiggly lines. When I compile it, everything works fine and no errors are even thrown. Launch the game, works fine. I even went through the stuff for setting up ue4 with visual studio to no avail. I could work around this, but that would be a mega pain in the butt. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!

It also gives me squiggly’s on my #include “Online.h”

I found out if you right click on the .uproject and generate visual studio files after adding in the onlinesubsystem dependencies, intellisense starts working! hooray!

Hi, Rarp7. Can you tell me how to implement IOnlineSubsystem and use it in c++? I saw the official documents and searched on google about it but I couldn’t figure out how to make it run. Any help will be very appreciated.