Instanced translucency on skeletal mesh not being lit in streaming?

I have a level.
In it there is an instanced translucent material that is dropped onto the mesh instance in the scene.
That material has an animated parameter.

If I play the level by itself, everything looks fine.
If I stream the level, the translucency loses its lighting information. (none/black/flat, but adds metallic reflection, and maintains opacity. Stationary skylight looks like it’s missing its contribution.)
If I switch the material to opaque, the lighting information is there.

It looks like the skylight doesn’t contribute in the streaming level.

Hi Will -

If possible can you include a picture of the results you are seeing? I am not seeing anything out of the ordinary with the setup you describe above. Now a few things which could cause a problem, if your skylight is in a level which does not contain a skybox from which to pull lighting information from it will not work correctly, but since it only seems to affect Translucency that does not appear to be the case.

To help, I am attaching my test project for you to adjust to match what you are experiencing, feel free to change and upload again.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Test Project 4.9.0

Please Note the Translucent Cube in the Level is a Skeletal Mesh.

Hello -

Thank you for the additional information but I am still unable to replicate the error you are seeing. I have a few questions to help me narrow down a successful reproduction.

Can you let me know what your Translucent Material Parameters are?

What is your Opacity set to and are you using refraction, if so is your refraction a set amount or based on a Fresnel?

Are you using Volumetric Directional, Volumetric Non-Directional, Surface Translucency Volume or the experimental Surface PerPixel for your Material Lighting Mode?

The Animated Panning effect you mention is it plugged into Refraction, Normal or Base Color?

In your post process are you using any Blendables, have you adjusted the Screen Percentage?

What AA Method are you using?

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum

I’ve noticed that it isn’t accepting the spherical reflection capture brightness. All the other objects in the scene respond when you brighten or darken the sphere-cap.

Forgive me, that was an extremely misleading preview image. I built a light into the material to simulate our directional light and added it to the emissive channel. The light colored image is what it used to look like in our level before things started going awry. Please see the attached images. The opaque is on the left and respects the sphere-cap. The translucent is on the right and has no additional lighting info.

Our project settings are very similar to Showdown.
The sphere cap is in the level and working as I can see it brightening the opaque meshes.

Hi Will -

I am testing a few possibilities but I found a promising one and I was wondering if you could go into your scene’s skylight and uncheck Cast Shadows and let me know if the Translucent Object renders correctly?

Thank You and Let me know -

Eric Ketchum

Cast shadows was already unchecked.

Hi Bill -

This looks to be a known issue with reflection capture actors as reported in UE-11437. This issue should be eliminated if you move the sphere reflection actor to the same level as your translucent object.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Can you look to see if it breaks in streaming? At one point I had the capture in the correct level, but it still broke in streaming.

I just sent you an email, but I have tested in streaming as well, it was working for me. If you get different results, please let me know

Can you give me the version you tested? It’s not working when I move the sphere capture to the same level.

Hi -

I just altered the project that you sent me. It should have been set up working when you opened in it.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Okay, Figured this out. A gremlin turned off “Affect translucency.” So the light wasn’t lighting it. Accursed gremlins. Thanks to Nik.