Instanced meshes broken with Desktop OpenGL

Here is a copy of a bug report I just send.Maybe someone from community might have an idea.

Reproduce :
Add foliage of a blueprint with hierarchical instanced mesh.

Result :
Some of them will disappear.

Expected :
Maybe appear ? And a coffee :slight_smile: ?

Description :
If you use the Linux editor with OpenGL, if you put a blueprint with hierarchical instanced meshes in the map, some of the instances will disappear. I will join screen shots as attachments. The weird thing is that some parts, a bit smaller and scaled just stopped disappearing, who knows why ?
The other weird thing is that if you use ES3 or Vulkan (Desktop), everything looks fine.

Additional Notes :
Too bad the editor often crashes and contextual texts are often illegible with Vulkan, because performances look great (1070gtx Nvidia-396)
The ground, here, is made of pre-fragmented “slabs”.



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