Ingame UE4, OS File browser file

Hi everyone,

How do i make it possible to create a OS file browser (windows explorer and/or mac) from ingame using the unreal engine. We would like to load an image/picture into the game to use this picture as a background texture.

Our technical flow looks like this:

  1. Click a button that opens explorer, where i can look for a suitable image or video

  2. Select the right image/video and then load this into the game

  3. Set the image into a texture2D variable

Re-asking this. I want my users to save multiple games, no overwrite the only one possible, or by mistake, take a name already taken.

Bump… Need this too. Is there really only the hard way of creating your own Slate Tree Viewer: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums

And combine it with logic like this:

or again thx to Rama:

I also tried to get Drag n Drop working in a way to get a filepath, but the right Message isnt fired:

In the Unity Asset Store is the kind of plug-in i’am searching for, strange that there is nothing similar in the Unreal Marketplace…

Bump again, this idea is very interresting and could be useful !

For Windows API Fileexplorer take a look here: