Infinity Blade Asset UV/Lighting Problems

I downloaded the Infinity Blade assets from the marketplace for a school assignment.
I’m focusing on level design and don’t have time to build my own assets, so the release of these were a god send.
Until I actually started using them…
After building lighting, all the assets have blocks spots on them.
I checked the UVs and they are hideous.
I am on a PC build and not mobile, as I do not want to showcase mobile game design.
I do hope that isn’t an issue.
Is there a fix to this problem?
I would have to redesign my entire assignment mid term, which would more than likely result in me failing the class.
Here are some screen shots.

The uvs are actually ok for the assets. Remember is was made for mobile so high levels of detail will not be there. Before you baked the lighting did you include a lightmass importance volume?

Yes I did.

I can’t believe the assets can’t even handle one single light shining on them without breaking like that.
I’d understand if they were just dark shadows, but not pitch black spots that make it look broken and ugly.
How can anyone use these assets if they look this bad??

And how does the red lines on that UV, not mean that it’s broken?
To me, red means bad.
That, and the fact that they’re stretched beyond the UV box.

Also just took a look at this video

Same assets, in lit mode, and perfectly fine.
They look gorgeous.
So any actual help in fixing this problem I’m encountering would be great.

Ok, here is my analysis. From the pictures below you can see i tried a few different lighting situations. The best result came from playing around with direction light.

I will explain this as best I can in short. When creating assets it is essential you think about your target platform. On mobile these assets are perfect. The uvs are fine. really they are… for mobile. They are using an old technique in texture work by conserving texture space and packing the uv shells in there and some are stretched way out to get more texel resolution. Thats why they are red in unreal editor. Unreal thinks they are “out of bounds” and thats why the lighting is getting messed up. Now-a-days because computers are so much more powerful and can calculate more, faster texture size and vertex count dont matter as much so the newer methods with multi uv channels and materials, these uvs will not look good on PC and need to be adjusted. So look at the last pic.

in the details panel for directional light under lightmass check “use area shadows for stationary” But for overall quality results you should edit the uvs on the models you plan to use to get better lightmap results.

So I don’t know if this is an actual fix for me.
I’m on a different computer than what I was on when I made this post.
The meshes are fine.
No black spots.
I just opened my project, and all was good…

Well that is possible certainly. Different graphics drivers, calculating the same light differently. What is needed is more override controls to get a more consistent result over a wider variety of hardware. The good news is once you get a good bake result it will package that way no matter what computer its being played on. Just play around with light controls. Post process effects etc. Because the more complex your scene gets the more likely you will find more errors.

Hi DarthNerdist,

I apologize for the delayed response. Are you still having trouble with the Infinity Blade assets?

I am marking this as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please comment with the requested information.