Indoor Lighting? Ambient Light option? No Directional light**

Taking this tutorial aside - YouTube
I can’t seem to find an option for creating ambient lighting in the engine. I believe that using Light mass allows you to set up ambient lighting per area but I can’t seem to find a tutorial on that.

PS of course I could go off and start placing static lights and bake them every time but I’m pretty sure that there is a better way. Now I am not using sunlight at all. The indoor lighting means the level is deep underneath the earth. No sunlight.

PS: btw which would be more beginner friendly - Answerhub or Forum?

You can use an Ambient Cubemap in the post process volume for ambient lighting(you can find a ton of settings in the post process to tweak lighting, global illumination and ambient lighting)

Both AnswerHub and Forum can be beginner friendly depending on your questions. :slight_smile: And drop by at each of them every once in a while and read through, answer other questions. You never know when you might need some of the answers. Lots of useful information floating everywhere!

Ah I have found the post Processing Volume, see the ambient cube map section. Any way to use a plain colour instead of an actual texture map? Or do I have to necessarily make a pain colour fill in Photoshop and fill it with a colour?

Yeah, you’ll have to make it in Photoshop and save it as HDRI.

Got it to work. Does exactly what Ambient Light needs to do. IN ADDITION to people who will be looking for the same question, In photoshop make sure that your texture/map/color image is in resolution to the power for two (like 512x512 or 1024x1024 and so on multiplying each number by two) Then you HAVE to make sure that you are editing your image in 32bit mode on photoshop. Otherwise when you go Save As > you will not see the HDR (HDRi) format in the drop down menu. Change your mode in Image > Mode > 32bit


As an alternative to generating a completely new blank cubemap, try using this built in one: /Engine/Engine_MI_Shaders/T_Cubemap_01 (you’ll need to show engine content in the content browser to see it)

It’s what I believe is used in the default lighting of the static mesh viewer along with a direct light of about 3 brightness.

It’s got an overall gray/neutral color which you can tint or intensify as needed.

That’s fine if you want a quick and dirty solution. But normally you’d want to use a custom HDRI or a captured cubemap of the level.

Btw, you should use a movable Skylight for that now, instead of the post process cubemap. Skylight wasn’t avaliable for dynamic lighting back when this was asked, as far as i can remember so PP ambient cubemap was suggested.