Individual/different FOV for viewmesh & player camera

I like set different FOVs and individual one from other, if you change the camera FOV, the viewmesh don’t move like Source engine games.
I find this Change the weapon model's FOV? - Epic Games Forums but in the BP i don’t see this option in the skeletalmesh.

Is there an option ?

I see this today Trello thanks Epic ^^

Its there info or news about render meshes before others, like FPS weapons ?

Looking forward to this too :slight_smile:

Looks like this wasn’t a real solution but a fake panini filter…

Back in UT days we did this using a second render layer that was composited on top, but now with the renderer being deferred such solutions are considered pretty costly. I haven’t looked at this exact feature referenced on the trello but IIRC NickDonaldson was messing around with using the panini projection on vertex shaders for guns to basically counteract the FOV and it was working pretty well.

With forward rendering coming in, will the cost be cheaper?

there is news about it? or any good solution?

I have reached out to one of the UT guys to see if they are still using the sub sandwich projection.

Any more info on this?