Indirect lighting without light?


I googled around but didn’t found an anwser.
What would be the best way to have a minimum indirect lighting on pawns without light source. I would like my ships to not be completely dark, even if there is no light source in range. I tried cube map with post process, but it does impact my planets material too.

Thank you

One thing you could try here is using a low emissive plugged in.

Use the diffuse multiplies by a constant value plugged into the Emissive input. Use the constant to control how bright the material can get. Lower values will be low emissive but not enough to look like bloom or light source. Just enough to fake some indirect lighting.

This is a useful technique where you don’t have any indirect lighting samples to help offset or you don’t want to use a bunch of dynamic lights to help produce some indirect lighting.

This is just is just a broad suggestion but with some refining and additional material work could be something more to meet your needs.


Thank you, this method is a good trick, I will keep it in mind, unfortunately I wasn’t able to achieve a satisfying result using it. I tried different blend, but the diffuse always looked washed with the wanted minimum lighting in the end.
So my second attempt was to use 2 opposed directional light with a low intensity, using the lighting channel 02. So they don’t affect the environment. Only the pawns who are on lighting channel 01 and 02. Seems to do wonder. Lightning channel are additive, right ? I