Indirect Lighting Messes Up Color Object Transitions

I have a problem with the indirect lighting in my scene, and it doesn’t seem obvious how to fix it. Whenever I have indirect lighting intensity set greater than 0 (in my post-process volume), the borders between elements have huge discrepancies in color, as shown here:

If I set indirect lighting intensity to 0, then the color seams go away, as shown here:

Anyone know what’s going on here? I’ve been stuck on this for longer than I’d like to admit, and it seems like something that should just work. I should also note that I’m using [SuperGrid][3] to (at least in theory) make things simpler for me to quickly prototype out my game. Not sure it should matter with this problem, but thought I’d mention it anyway.


Unreal calculates light per object!! So if you leave the default settings in lightmass you’ll get shading differences between objects…
You can go with 0.15 ILLS and 0.6 smoothness and those will disappear! /you might develop “dirt”…then you’ll have to higher with your quality…

Oh interesting. I tried your suggested changes (although I’m assuming ILLS means “Static Light Level Scale” since I can’t find anything remotely similar to ILLS). It does look a lot better, but there are still seams. Kind of sounds like you should expect seams between models regardless of what you do? Will mark this as a correct answer since I can actually move forward with this imperfect change.

Yes, sorry I was lazy typing! :S
Did you change the indirect lighting smoothness also to 0.6 on lightmass settings? That’s where Unreal blurs things together! If you go lower = less blur of the light calculation result = more real result!
If you keep it on the default 1 you’ll see shading differences because of the per mesh light calculation…