Indirect lighting from movable directional light not updating


I’m trying to set up a scene in which you can change the time of day dynamically.

By default, the sun is at dawn, ant it gives the meshes in the scene an orange tint, as expected:

This is good until I change the sunlight’s direction and update the sun position at runtime. At the darkest night, when there shouldn’t be much indirect lighting, the buildings still have the same indirect illumination, with the same reddish tint:

I tried tweaking a lot of settings but cannot figure out how to update that indirect lighting properly. Can someone please help me on this?

Movable directional lights dont have indirect illumination unless you’ve enabled one of the dynamic GI solutions? I’m guessing you are using a movable skylight for ambient lighting. If that’s the case you’ll need to change the color&intensity of the skylight too depending on the sun’s position.

Have you tried to Recapture the SkyLight either manually or from blueprint?