Indirect Lighting crash after Upgrading to 4.16.2 from 4.14

We have indentified that HypeReal Pano plugin isn’t part of the problem, as one of the machines didn’t have it installed when we start having this issue.

I do apologize in advance for my English as is not my first language.

We’re getting a crash after upgrading from 4.14 to 4.16.2

First just wanted to mention that our game is in VR.

We discover the crash happens when we have the lights baked and when our enemies spawn after a few seconds of them walking around the scene.

We tested in another PC the first batch of enemies will move without triggering the Crash, but when the second enemy type appears and walk a little bit, we get the crash also.

We have found so far that the crash doesn’t trigger if:

  • we don’t bake the lights.
  • keep the game in Simulate (instead of play) with baked lights.
  • play normally with baked lights but without spawning enemies.

After lots of testing and researching, we notice that the crash is related with indirect lighting (we’re using it for our enemies).

After 4.16.2 We also are having some Texture Pool warnings (bigger than 3GB).

We did a quick test in a standalone build, and we get this error: (please notice that this error message doesn’t appear if the game crash from the editor) :

Assertion failed: UpdateRegion.DestX + UpdateRegon.Width <= Texture → GetSizeX()
UpdateTexture3D out of bounds on X. Texture: IndirectLightingCache_0, 141, 1, 64

So we removed all Indirect Lighting Volumes and set our enemies to don’t use indirect lighting. Now the game isn’t crashing, but we still have the texture pull warning.

Our guess is we’re having some performance issues with 4.16 and that is what is actually crashing our game. Maybe some new features over 4.14?

We want to enable back indirect lighting to improve our game visuals, but first we need help to fix whatever is causing this crash.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Hey kmburXP,

I am happy to help you report this crash report, but in order to do so we need some more information.

Firstly, can you attach your full crash logs and provide us with your ‘dxdiag’ or system specifications (including VR device used)?

Secondly, we need a way to reproduce this crash in a minimal/blank test project. This will require further troubleshooting/identifying how to get your issue to occur on our end.

Your other issue (Texture Pool exceeded) would need a separate post as that deals with a different problem, and I do not want to conflate this thread with anything other than the crash in case others in the community are experiencing something similar.

Thank you,

Andrew, thanks for the quick reply.

Here is the information requested,

  • attached you can find the dxdiag stats for both PCs where we have VR headsets for development.
  • Also a couple of logs files, provided by our lead developer, He told me that he has been working on addressing a lot of the warnings you can see there at this moment.
  • We have installed VR plugins for Oculus, HTC Vive and HypeReal Pano (device from china). Our Lead Developer says that al plugins are currently active in the editor.
  • One of the PCs is using Oculus and the other one have the HypeReal Pano.

Noted regarding the Texture Pool issue. I will create a new post for that later today.

Hope this information can help to identify where is the issue.

Let me know if you need anything else from our side.

Thanks again for your quick reply, have a great day.

Daniel Lezama (KmburXP)

Thanks for providing your system specs etc. Usually we request the user provides us with the printed text file version as it gives us the full information including drivers etc. so we can attach it to the bug report internally.

I still need steps in order to reproduce this on our end. If this crash is only occurring when you are using the unannounced device, then there is not much we can do to implement a fix on our end.

In other words, we need you and your team to continue to narrow down the scenario(s) that causes the crashes to occur.

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.

Thank you,



“HypeReal Pano” is now officially announced (, so I can stop calling it “unannounced device” hahaha, that should help.
You can switch from Chinese to English at the bottom right of their website.

So far the bug only happens if we have Actors (Skeletal meshes) with indirect lighting and indirect lighting volumes in the scene.

The VR plugins we have active are: Oculus, HypeReal and HTC Vive.

Thank you for your reply.

Daniel Lezama (KmburXP)

Ok the next thing we have found regarding this issue.

It happens when we use indirect lighting in ILCQ Volume mode for our characters.
Plus it only happens in VR.

We have tested in a very simple level with only the characters and the light baking and we get the mentioned crash.

With all this information we have found, we notice that our crash is related to with this one: Unreal 4 crash when with "ILCQ Volume" and "Distance Field Indirect Shadow" in VR - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks to Norman3D for finding how to reproduce the BUG and Rudy Q for listening Norman3D’s report.

To follow the solution for this Bug: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-47336)