Increase "Required Pool" size for texture streaming

I’ve been trying to increase the texture streaming pool size using the console commands with little luck. The engine’s trying to use more than the allocated memory pool, and it’s making all the textures in the level very blurry.

The only thing I’ve found regarding this is everyone saying to increase r.Streaming.Poolsize, but with that I can only change the poolsize for the other pools (In this picture I set the poolsize to 5500, and it only changed all the texture mempools). Is there anyway I can allocate more memory for the Required pool?


Well it says the exact amounts… what is your poolsize how much would it need to be and it says it even in mb-s…
So yeah you should use that command to set it higher (as it says). After a restart you’ll need to set it again…
Or: you can turn it off with r.TextureStreaming command and then ALL textures will be loaded…

Thanks for replying. I tried increasing the pool size, but no matter how much I increase it, the pool capacity of the circled row in the picture does not change at all. Only the other rows get affected by it, and all of the other ones are well under the limit of their pools.

I’m trying not to use the r.TextureStreaming command because it would affect the performance of the entire level if I let it load all textures all the time. But I’m guessing if there’s no other choice I’ll have to do it anyway

hi , do you fix it?

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