Increase Landscape Tesselation In A Small Area

Hello, I’ve been trying to paint in several very thin lines around my landscape to represent cracks, similar to how Blizzard did over here:

Sadly however, a line that looks sharp enough would require a very highly tessellated landscape, and I only need to add these details in a couple of places. I am aware of the Retop tool, however its function is restricted to stretched geometry around cliffs opposed to the current predicament that I find myself in. I was hoping someone more experienced with these topics can provide me with a solution. Thank you, and sorry for my English, it’s not my first language.

BUMP! I really need some help with this!

Hi, what’s the problem with using decals?

You could even use Parallax Occlusion Mapping inside their material, to get it look like they “carve” into the landscape.

Hi! Thanks for the response! Well I have considered making it this way, I thought it might not be so efficient since I plan on doing it for a variety of locations, plus, having the freedom to paint in exactly where I want compared to the predefined nature of decal seems the more lucrative option for me. There’s gotta be a way to do it, that game is more than 15 years old after all :smiley: :smiley:

You could add a new landscape layer and use that to specify where you want to have tessellation. So you would plug that multiplied by a factor into “TessellationMultiplier” and of course enable tessellation in the material. But the detail of tessellation on the landscape is limited, never used it much so I don’t know how/whether you can further increase it.

But this way you will pay the performance cost (minus the cost for the tessellation) for each whole landscape component instead of only where you have the details, so this approach will be worse for performance.