Inconsistent Lighting? Bug?

Guys. Need someone to shed some light on this ( pun unintended )

The lighting is really inconsistent in my assets.
Sometimes it appears like the pic on top and sometimes like the picture below.

After dragging around several assets it just switches around. Generally If i switch to static it always appear correctly .
But the objects are supposed to be movable objects. While being set as movable they sometimes work correctly .

here’s what I discovered so far:

  • setting to static lighting ( without rebuilding ) usually results in correct lighting. But randomly it still results in incorect lighting
  • setting to movable will sometimes result in incorrect lighting.
  • placing/moving/deleting objects would randomly make the lighting correct ( even while they are movable ) . I
    can’t identify exactly when. I just continue to work on the level and it suddenly worked. When it worked,
    I even try to enter game, the lighting stays that way.
  • rebuilding light does not fix
  • The old UDK have an option unknown to many called ‘Synthesize SHLight’ which adds spherical harmonics corrected shading. I cannot
    find the option here to debug it… Any idea?

If you’re referring to UDK-styled skylight. No I did not add it. Only added Environment Color in lightmass.

I’m extremely sure it’s not the case of not enough indirect lit. Here are the reasons

  1. If it is it wouldn’t be intermittently switched to the bottom lighting.
  2. I tried bringing it to other map. Still happened.
  3. The lighting was set up once and never touched. Rebuilt yes, but did not adjusted.

In any case, the lighting setup is a single directional light with lightmass environment color.
And the most epic part is… as I’m tryping, I switched back to the editor, and there you go. The trucked corrected itself, but the cars did not follow suite. Notice it’s at movable now.

NOTE : it has nothing to do with the fact that it is being selected. I just unselected it and it still works.

Did you tried adding skylight and/or ambient cubemap in postprocess ? Could you post you lighting setup ? It seems like there is not enough indirect light to lit objects.