In which ini file and how to setup default vr.PixelDensity?

I’m trying to find out how to set the vr.PixelDensity in ini file. I’m building for Oculus Quest and I can’t find the right spot/ini to where to enter this, as every time I build and run the apk, the vr.PixelDensity seems to always reset to 1. I would need it to be set differently.

Did you ever find an answer to this issue?

You can use a ‘Execute Console Command’ node at begin play in your level blueprint, for an easy workaround.

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vr.PixelDensity is currently not working with OpenXR. The “fix” (it’s more of a new implementation as things have changed w. OpenXR) is unfortunately not able to make a hotfix for 5.0, but it should make it to Main soon, and ship w. 5.1 on the Launcher.

Can you confirm that


is now working with OpenXR (any runtime)?