In UE5 Lighting building takes hours now and is constantly rebuilding

Lighting rebuild that used to take `5 minutes now takes hours and constantly needs rebuilding. This is a project that was ported from UE4. I am thinking that the automatic port is not yielding the best possible result. I willing to put the time in to get this right. Need help from experiences UE developers who can guide to what i should do next… including learning what i need… thanks

Well, first take a look at the settings, perhaps something is blank, like global illumination!

Thank you for the advice. My settings are not blank and similar to yours.

mmm try this, make a copy of your default engine config inside the project, and use this one:

just to see if it loads or still doing shaders forever :smiley:

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Thank you for the tips… this is what resolved the issues… the long running light building stopped when I disabled Allow Static Lighting.

I took the default settings you sent and merged with mine where it made sense and that helped with the constant light building.

Thank you

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