In-outdoor sunlight exposure

You can adjust your exposure settings in a post processing volume.

Thanks! Googling it!

Also, disable the auto exposure in ue4 preferences because this overrides the post processing feature in the PPV. What I usually do is set the min and max to the same thing so that the light does not adjust and I can get the lighting correct. After I adjust the lighting to my liking; I start with the PPV exposure and go to the darkest area of the room and adjust the min and max values.


Yes! Perfectly done!
It’s too “luxury” for interior design cg and now I can get a more precise lux control, ah and btw, do we have any function or plugin to do a lux level simulation? Just the DiaLux used by architectural design firms?



In my model if I look at the indoor space the exposure is fine - I can see the light from the spot light and some sunlight coming from the window.

But when i look at the window, the room is darken which is unwanted. Is it kind of UE4 feature that imitate our eyes retina? Possible to disable it? (Or have I incorrectly set some value?)

The second image is done by the pro(The LakeHouse avaiable from market place) with no over-exposure problem look at the window from the indoor. Im trying to this (kind of) effective but no sccuee, anyone got ideas whats wrong??

Many thanks for your time.