In-Engine Website Display

Hey gang,
Is there was a way to display a website in UE4 as you would see it in a web browser?

There are plans to include the Chromium Embedded Framework into a Slate widget, (there is an early version of it in the latest GitHub build of the engine), which could possibly be included in version 4.6, and also may be added into UMG in an upcoming release. If you can’t wait that long for it the only way currently is through the use of a plugin.

Coherent Labs has Coherent UI plugin for sale you can get more info on here:

There are also a couple of user made plugins available on the forums, VaQuoleUI and RadiantUI

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Money now and regret later, or patience now and disappointment later?
Hard choice every time.

Thank you very much for the options.