Imposter UVs for foliage

I have a lot of foliage on my map, and as a lowest level of detail mesh I’d like to use a camera facing 2d plane with a flipbook texture that changes depending on the direction from camera to the sprite.
The ImposterUVs material function doesn’t work with foliage right now since the material function requires object’s position as an input that doesn’t work with foliage, I suppose this is because the whole system works by instancing the meshes.
Any chance of getting this to work with foliage? I’m also open to workarounds.

Hi, I have been trying to solve this for a while and after a few answers from the udn I finally have a material that works, it looks like this:

I use a mesh with crossed planes to get rid of the flickering, so it’s not z-fighting with the ground. It makes the imposter a tiny bit offset so haven’t found the perfect solution for that yet.

Hello, I’m sorry to revive an old thread, I’m attempting to create some Imposter Sprites for foliage. And I’m stuck trying to get them in the correct world position. I can get them to place at the correct location but they seem to stretch and rotate strangely:

Here’s my setup:

When I use your exact setup my trees are nowhere to be seen!

My apologies! It looks like things might be a little different these days! The following setup worked!