Importing mesh with new materials creates unused Material elements


Whenever I import a mesh from 3ds max after changing the material ID’s I am getting extra material elements that are unused on the mesh.

For example I am only using Elements 1 and 2. Element 0 is just extra trash. This number of material elements will increase every time i import the mesh.

In the picture below you can see the material slots for my my mesh. Then the lod section below only using the 2 main slots.

If i then remove all the materials in max and re import. They old elements remain in the Material slot list. Is there any way to stop this happening? Or remove the materials? This can obviously get out of control if your experimenting with different material ID setups on your mesh.

Exporting the mesh with a new name fixes the issue temporarily. Although this is no way ideal when your trying to iterate on a new mesh.

I am using max 2016 and exporting using the 2016 version of FBX export.

Happy to provide any more information if this is not clear.

Is it possible this is the same issue?

Still getting this - exporting with two material ID’s, will -always- result in three material ID’s in Unreal.

I wonder if that something to do with having separate elements with different material ID’s assigned? I have one ‘solid’ material, and one ‘glass’ material. I have three in Unreal, but none of them make sense. Two separate glass materials … ?

I don’t use 3DS Max but whenever this happens in Maya I have either forgotten to asign new material to a mesh or forgotten to delete sets in the outliner.

No it’s just a standard multi-sub material, works fine with everything else (Marmoset, Unity, etc).