Import Instanced GEO in USD Payload as Nanite?

I am using Houdini and USD to create my layout and scene. How should I go on enabling nanite on geometry like scattered trees and rocks and bushes ? I know I can enable the option but can i instead drive that with an attribute from Houdini ?

If this is currently not implemented, can someone direct me to a python or automation workflow to loop over each object to enable the tickbox and hit apply ?

I am quiet familiar with python.


Hi, im looking for the same info, in fact… there is the nanite option in the usd stage window and i like to know how this works

From doing some exports, I noticed that nanite assets were exported with the unrealNanite attribute set to enabled on prims. You may be able to create that attribute from Houdini and then when those assets are imported in Unreal, they should be nanite

The attribute in the exported USD you could replicate:
custom token unrealNanite = "enable"