Import FBX with atlas texture, wrong 'colored spots'

Edit - Fixed:

After trial and error I seem to have fixed the problem by enlarging the atlas texture (which I find weird, the model is very tiny). For future reference (if anyone has this problem), this is how I edited it in photoshop:

  1. Go to preferences (Ctrl+K)
  2. Under the General Tab , right under HUD Color Picker is a drop down that says Image Interpolation. Change that to Nearest Neighbor (otherwise enlarging the texture will cause blurring).
  3. press ctrl + alt + i and increase the width of the image, make sure constrain proportions is checked.
  4. I changed the texture from 128x64 to 512x256 and the problems stopped after re-importing the texture

End Edit

I’m having a problem with importing a (small) fbx model with an atlas texture.

Below you will see the result of importing the same model in 3ds Max vs. Unreal engine 4. You’ll see the hair is supposed to be all brown, but in UE4 wrong spots show up. I’ve included the texture file as well.

Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong?