Import 3dmax's lighting to ue4 issues

Hi everybody

im now using 3dmax bake lighting map instead create it in game engine to make scene more realistic
but the lightingmap is differ from albedo map(or diffuse map) in it’s UVs channel
i mean, when i post a lighting map on albedo map’s UV channel
it’s seems like this

in unity3d i can choose swap uv option to fix it

but how can i do the same thing in UE4?
i’v been puzzled for several days
hope for your help

UE4 doesn’t support importing light maps, there’s several reasons for this, the two main features are,

There’s directional maps that go along with the lightmaps UE4 bakes.
And UE4 has the ability combine/mix dynamic and baked shadows for characters and movable objects in a baked scene.

Also lighting baked in UE4 is going to be more realistic and higher quality when done correctly.
You can do a hacked solution by using custom materials that use the lightmap as emssive and combine a bit of the lightmap into the albedo.

thanks for your answer
i’v tried set lightingmap as emmssive color but doenst work
when in unity3d engine i set the materials which use lightingmap as self-luminous
and second swap the lightmap/albedo channel
otherwise the lightmap looks like been “scaling” in some way
can u expain more detailed by how to do the “hacked” ops?
the code source level’s modify on the materials or retouch the lightmap’s structure as albedo in Photoshop
appreciate for your reply

You’ll need to use the texture coordinate node to set the light map UVs for the light map texture.