Implementation of Decal-based Road System Plug-in

Hello all!

I’m an experienced C++ 3D game programmer, but new to Unreal.

I am tasked with developing an internal plug-in to implement a decal-based road system in Unreal. Effectively, we have an existing landscape whose mesh we are happy with, and do not desire to use different meshes for roads. Therefore, we want to go with decals.

I am hoping to get tactical advice on how to develop this plug-in. Specifically -

  1. Will I be able to re-purpose the existing spline widget in the editor to allow authoring of the road decals?

  2. How might I go about procedurally generating road decal meshes along the splines, especially with respect to intersecting roads such as 3-way and 4-way intersections?

Any corrections or further tactical advice would be appreciated! Since I’m an Unreal noob, feel free to just steer me toward or away from various ways of thinking.