I'm trying to make a FP horror game, and I was wondering how to make a toggleable flashlight

I have been looking at other guides and I found nothing on how to do this. I would also like to know how to make a head wobble effect, if possible.

theres a million threads on making flashlights lol its actually super simple but the devils in the details as they say, meaning without knowing your exact circumstance its difficult to give a precise do this type of answer. the basic idea though is have a spot light component in your character or in your flashlight actor. then for the script you have a input event say the F key, next you need a flipflop node which switches the output each time its activated. then you need a reference to the light either by dragging the component into the graph (or is its a separate actor by getting a reference to the actor). last you need to drag off the light reference and search for set intensity, create a copy of the intensity node and connect one to each of the output pins of the flipflop. also set the value of the intensity on one to 0 and on the other to something you like say 5000.

Hey there. I’d show you how to do it myself, but I could outsource that to people wiser than I:

For head-wobble, I developed a system like this myself a month or two back. You’re free to copy it from the images below. I start all my events through the use of custom events, but you’d probably just want to work of the events “Mouse X” and “Mouse Y”.

For the actual head wobbling, I have 4 different head bobbing ‘Camera Shake’ type blueprints which look like the following:

Let me know if there’s anything else you’re looking for. I’ll see if I can’t keep my eye on this and help you out.