Im not sure what this Error is

I have a very small level and I get this error TEXTURE STREAMING POOL OVER 400 MB As I move around the view port the value increase or decrease.Some of the assets disappeared in the default level

I have a very powerful PC so I don’t get it. Everything becomes a bit laggy as well.

My Specs
Ryzen 1900x
16 Gb Ballistic RAM Memory
4GB GTX 1080

Hello Mac,

There is allot of good information on the pages linked below. I’m not sure if you have made any changes in your level but if you are using any super high resolution textures (16k 8k 4k too many 2k etc) that may be having an effect. If you are in a basic level with nothing new added and your getting the error then you may want to adjust the streaming capacity setting the linked posts recommend setting it to 2000 if you are wanting to test your game for people with 4gb cards.

Increase pool size:
Texture Streaming Pool Over - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums