I'm about to create VRMMORPG with infinite world

Hi, I’m about to create VRMMORPG Game, Beat Online. I want to make infinite world like minecraft world.
How can i create it?

There’s already a creation tool inside UE4 which does something similar, but unfortunately it creates a VRMMOFPS, give it a try.
You can find the tool under Edit > World Creation > Create MMO > Set time period > Turn it off and on again > Choose between Minecraft graphics or Crysis 3 graphics and hit the Create button, then wait a bit ( build time may vary depending on your mouse wheel speed ).

Asking that type of general question means you’re probably not ready to try and make a game of that level of difficulty

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Yep. You are getting some fun and sarcasm comments because this type of question pops-up here fairly regularly, by people who don’t have much experience to realize the huge undertaking of a MMORPG, let alone the new frontier of VRMMORPGs. How much money do you have, how big is your team, how much experience do you have? All we have to go on is the title, “Beat Online” and Minecraft-like. Which sounds cool. But it is a music themed rpg, a fighting rpg themed game?
Anyway, need more info. If you are a one man show, take a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYfb-lOW1AE
Good luck,

I suggest you try making a simple single player game first.

Hi VirtualBuilder,

First of all, welcome to the Unreal community, nice to have another new person on board :slight_smile:

Next up, breese45 is right, you’re probably going to get a few sarcastic (and funny) responses to your question. My advice, don’t take it too personally or feel too silly or anything. For what it’s worth, part of the reason people respond like that is because you remind them of what they were like back when they first started and felt like everything would be quick and easy.

The answer to your question - how do I do it? - is to follow this process:

  1. do some basic getting started tutes for UE4 so that you can start to get a better idea about how much more work is involved in making games than you’ve realised

  2. once you realise how much more work it’s going to be than you thought, try and resist the temptation to think “I’ll just be the ideas person, other people can do all the work for me”
    a) read this ], it talks about the relationship between ideas and execution (I highly recommend it)
    b) realise that anyone who has the ability to do the work you can’t already has their own long list of ideas that they want to work on, why would they put them to the side to work on yours?

  3. then you have to make a decision about which direction you want to go in:
    a) be the crazy old man who built a pyramid in his backyard (did eventually do it, but used up his entire life in the process)
    b) build up your skills for several years (they say ten years is about how long it takes to master something) then work in the industry in large teams who can actually pull stuff like this off
    c) or realise that maybe you didn’t want to do it if it was going to be that hard and go and be an accountant or something =P

When you walk on a sphere, you have infinite World!
Make sphere bigger, till you are satisfied.
You could always change things on the dark side of moon(like the illuminati do(pshht secret)), aka of the side of the sphere you can not see, to make the feeling even more infinite.
Good luck for your project.

Thank you thank you, I write jokes for Jay Leno :stuck_out_tongue:

To get back on topic I always appreciate new ideas, concepts and innovation, but starting a thread like that is probably one of the worst way possible.

No explanation, no concepts, just an idea for a game which combine a MMO with VR and a title.

“How can I create it” is not the question you should ask, because virtually you can do everything, but what tools you should use to achieve your idea and how much time, effort and people you need to get the job done.

Hard work
Lots of money
Lots of computers
Lots of employees
One to several thousand servers depending on scale / users
An ISP with a business class service (for the servers)

you not need that, you can create a AI for build you game and spawn it multiple times, that solve workers problems and its cheap, and solve partially the money and hard work problem too. Profit.

I already have mmorpg running and my NPC/workers are working 10km away form players building the world. I have only to make sure that players do not reach the workers/actual limits, easy because the actual limits are protected by army of orcs and 1000 immortal dragons

:stuck_out_tongue: :o

That’s cool. Share?

sorry laws in my country avoid share workers between company’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool, i am no company, i am a one man show!
I would need to get some of your NPC to build my own company.
Come on, be nice :frowning:

As long as your definition of massively is flexible, you can knock together a working mmorpg in a few hours if you take advantage of the kit that is available on these forums.

If you have a pot full of money, you can populate your mmorpg with content, some of it AAA, from the Marketplace in short order.

If you want to build everything from the ground up and you keep your world size within reason, you can build a mmorpg from the ground up, creating all of your art assets yourself, in a year or so. (As long as you work full time at it.)

If you are a part time hobbyist, you can do the above in a few years.

It all depends on your OCD level.

Thank you for all of answer everyone,yeah I’m not ready to make a game,I’m 13 y/o. I don’t have so much money and any execution.
I’m a one man show,Maybe when I made this game UE5,6 is out, lol.
This is my PC Spec, It’s budget gaming PC. Is this enough?
FX8350- 5.0Ghz Overclocked
Crosshair V Formula-Z
Cryorig R1
VaporX R9 280X
16GB DDR3 1866Mhz Klevv Neo

Yeah,I’m a beginner. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Your interest in making games is going to take you on a great adventure. Keep at it and keep learning. Others can comment on your rig. Looks to me, to be one that is good enough to start developing with. But for your VR ambitions you may need a little more horsepower, but don’t worry about that now. Learn all you can with what you got.
Good Luck and keep chasing your dreams! :slight_smile:

you are young, read a lot and watch all tutorials you can in youtube and practice, you must begin with small things, if you begin trying doing big things that you not understand you end frustrated.

Small things its more easy understand and accomplished, that incentive for do the next one. Step by step you going to understand how a engine and game programming work. Doing something big its the hard and frustrate way.

Computer its enough.

Thank you,For your advices,I’m going to learn C and Java Course.