I'm about to create VRMMORPG with infinite world.

UE4 uses C++.

Thank you, I’m a noobly lol.

But will it have realistic science based dragon breeding? /jk

Making an mmo its a multi million dollar enterprise, an indie just cant do that.
Why dont you start by making a singleplayer small RPG?,you can allways make it bigger later down the line.

D a m n (is censored?), at 13 I wasn’t even think about game development, I was too busy playing them. When I was 18 though I went to Art Institute for Game Art and Design, we were using UE 2 back then.

It’ll has all of realistic science, All of Biology,Physic,Chemistry.
Only Pet can breed ,You know what i meant if player can breed hahaha.

Player Breeding with real-time pregnancy , player must wait 9 months for new NPC worker to be born

The things that i need to worry is how to make this real? and how to create Artificial Intelligence that can talk with player in game?