Im a doing well for a begginer (*Image of sci fi tunnel which i build 100% with the unreal engine*)? and i need help with lighting, PLEASE HELP!!!

So based upon the picture all of the geometry was 100% build with unreal engine 4 I didn’t use any assets of other people I purely just build it ground up with the blocks that unreal offers, all I want to know is does it look good? please rate and let me know what I should fix. My second question is how do you make the lighting so it doesn’t reflect off every single block making it look very unrealistic, I want the lighting to look very natural can someone help if anyone knows what I’m talking about, Thank you for your time.

That looks really nice! Good job!

To fix the reflection problem, you want to be messing around with the materials. Try messing around and connecting parts of the material/texture to things such as the roughness of the material. Maybe if you’re lucky, the material itself is already connected to the metallic property, and you can cut it off right there!

It looks very UT99 and UT2k4-ish.
It would have looked good back in 1999-2005 era.

The thing is, using ue4’s bsp tools (even when converted to meshes) is a very outdated/unoptimal way to do things.
Try to get your hand on blender (or if you have money to throw around, 3dsmax/maya/modo/zbrush/etc) and learn how to model with that tool.

After you become better at one of the aforementioned tools, you will also need to learn photoshop/quixel (and/or substance)/xnormal/knald etc, etc to make great looking textures for your models.

It is a long and challenging journey, but if you are really enjoying modelling its loads of fun.
Which is most important. keep having fun!

Thank you but any advice to make it better?

The lighting should look symmetrical… looking at the ground on the left i see the poles’ shadows going in well into the middle but if you look at the right the shadows aren’t doing the same.