ILIAD (Intelligent Layered Imaging Architecture for Drawing) - October 31 - Live from HQ

Developed by Praxinos, ILIAD brings drawing capabilities directly into Unreal Engine, enabling users to edit textures in engine, in real time. You can create brushes, palettes, layers, and many other common classic painting tools, all with Blueprints. Elodie and Fabrice from Praxinos will demonstrate how to get started and show us examples of what can be accomplished with the plugin.

There will be Q&A at the end of the stream, so tune in, and ask all the questions!

Thursday, October 31 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown



Elodie Moog, Praxinos
Fabrice Debarge, Praxinos
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](

Good stuff. Look forward to

Is this a plugin? How to use it? I did not find where to download it.

Awesome. The idea of being able to create brushes using a node graph (blueprints) alone is worth trying. If you add some procedural masks and sampling/stencils from photos, you have a pretty powerful tool. Being inside UE4… cuts a lot of export and import steps also, no need for source texture assets, only the uassets? :eek:

If you allow users to capture the scene to a render target in the UI, you can also do paintovers of level locations right inside of UE4.

Put some automatic decal-system (automatically create a decal on paint so you can paint everywhere) under it and combine it with virtual textures = unlimited painting into the level. A dream come true.

This, also will it be added to the main branch or its a third party plugin?

a) Would it be capable to allow users to paint in-game on a canvas with simple watercolor and oil brushes in a multiplayer environment?
b) When this will happen
c) Is it going to be affordable for indie-game developers or just something for the rich kids?

Thank you, its an awesome tool you’re creating there!

i’m in, based on that screenshot alone!

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Hi everyone ! I’m one of the guests who will present ILIAD tomorrow (with my colleague Fabrice). Thank you for the great reactions, I really hope you will like what we’re going to show :slight_smile:

I see a few questions asked (price, availability, capacities) : they all be answered tomorrow (no spoiler !)

Hi there,
I’m Fabrice from Praxinos.
That will be great to meet you all during the livestream.
I opened an other topic a while ago, you can find it here with some additionnal infos : (MegaGrant) Iliad : Intelligent Layered Imaging Architecture for Drawing. - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

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Hi Maksim, Hi VKleinMP, hi Kajisan,

Let me answer your questions :

  • It is a plugin that you will find in the marketplace.
  • It should be available almost at the same time as UE 4.24 it will be in Beta the first months.
  • You can edit one or several textures with Iliad, play a level and paint. Once you stop, your changes are kept. It has been shown at the end of the livestream (1H25min).
  • We will try to make it affordable.
  • Some exemples of watercolor and oilbrushes should be available with the package. I’m just missing a few nodes that are still under development to finish the blueprints correctly.
    I will publish a few images when possible.

Once again, lets jump in the right topic :

I haven’t watched the stream yet, sorry, but I’d like to ask a question.

Let’s say I have a model with diffuse map and normal map (and maybe even opacity masks). I’d like to be able to paint emissive texture, roughness texture and “metallness” texture (each as a separate layer, to be saved as individual images later) straight on the model in the 3D view. Basically the model will be rendered lit, with the material (containing only diffuse/normal/opacity mask textures and blank roughness/metallic/emissive textures) and as I paint those textures I’d see the results immediately as changes in the material (for example, instead of grayscale texture on 3D model I’d want to see gloss/shine as I paint roughness/metallic textures).

Is something like this going to be possible ?

At the very moment, no, you can’t draw on several layers at the same time, but we are really considering the feature, as it could serve other purposes than material edition.

However, you will see during the livestream (around 56’ and 1:02’), it is possible however to use a texture several times in materials (of course, it’s yours then to make the proper calculations to display the needed result).

To watch the livestream :

I mean, you’d paint one layer at a time. Let’s say first would be roughness. I just want to paint in 3D view over the model that shows the material and while I am actually painting gray values for roughness, I actually see roughness on the model, not gray values (if that makes sense).

EDIT: Something like this:

Oh ! I see. The answer will be unfortunately the same : you cannot paint on the 3D asset directly at the moment, but it is also something we are considering, as it might suit our needs in the future. :slight_smile:

[video]МУЗИКА БАСИ ВІДЕО[/video]

Same here, but I think its a plugin