IKinema now available in UE4 for $19,99/month for movie like procedural animation

Our licensing model is very similar but we don’t take royalty. Because of this only the ready made nodes are provided on the subscription model. Even our partners on the full model who have access to the source integration use the same number of nodes as what we provide for you here so we constantly maintain and update the integration. I hope this helps :).

Hi All,
Just to let you know that the 4.2 compatible version of IKinema tools is available. For all subscribers, please download the latest from WebAnimate.
Thanks for supporting

Anyone else having the runtime import issue with the 4.2 IKinema plugin?
See here.

Hi Kris
We had an issue that was only appearing on some installations. We have updated the plugin with a new release today. Could you please check and let us know whether this works for you?

I’m interested in IKinema to be used in conjunction with U4. I have a few questions to make sure I understand what the capabilities are.

Lets say I have walk cycle created in Maya; can I use WebAnimate to use that one walk clip to change the “look” of the animation, say I want to make it more feminine with hip sways and weight shifts, etc.? Is it also possible to take that walk cycle and create a crouch movement cycle as well? I’m trying to get an understanding as to how much time IKinema will save me with various animation clips I need to generate.

Is it possible to use IKinema for re-targeting hand positions? Say I have a holster for a pistol and I’d like the player to decide on the position; under the arm, hip, thigh, etc. Can IKinema automatically solve the animations for those locations? If yes, will I need one animation clip or is it possible to create those procedural animations without?

Is there a simple tutorial available that shows from start to finish on how to import a fbx into WebAnimate, make some procedural changes, export that into U4, and demonstrate the playable scene? I saw a lot of clips, but I want to make sure I understand how to achieve those results.

And finally, since it’s a monthly subscription and if I decide cancel later on will everything that I developed still work, or will it only work after I re-active my subscription?


Hi Adam,
On your questions:

  1. Yes - you can import the animation in FBX/BVH format and create a rig. This will allow you to edit and add variations on this animation by animating offsets on top using the rig.
    We are just about to launch a major update on WebAnimate which allow editing and manipulation of keys using a graph editor. This will make the tool much more powerful in the
    creation of new animation assets. See attached image. You can actually test al this for free in WebAnimate.

  2. yes, you create a rig in WebAnimate and use this rig in realtime as a RunTimne rig to modify a fixed animation asset. So instead of having 15 clips and blending between you
    can just drive procedurally the IK demand. You need to create the rig and test all motions and AI and the rig asset is exported to the game as UE4 asset.

  3. not sure whether we have a single tutorial on that with UE4; Will check and update here …

  4. Your rigs will still work; The only limitation will be the lack of the latest runtime integration of IKinema in UE4 and ability to export new rigs and modifications to rigs. Old assets
    will work.

I hope this is useful !

I have a project using Ikinema plugin that works fine with intalled version of unreal engine. But when I try to compile the project with the source-build version of unreal egine, it failed to compile. I got following erros:

1>EXEC : error : Exception thrown while processing dependent modules of IKinemaEditor
1>EXEC : error : Couldn’t find module rules file for module ‘IKinema’.
1>EXEC : error : Exception thrown while processing dependent modules of IKinemaEditor
1>EXEC : error : Couldn’t find module rules file for module ‘IKinema’.

(Both the engine and the game project are compiled with Development Editor Configuration.)

It is really annoying, cause I use source-build engine in many cases. Is there anyone know how I should set up Ikinema plugin, so my project can work with the source-build version. Thanks in advance!

Hi I had a question would this work with models I created in Blender3D or must I use Webanimate thanks.

Are Mac/Linux still not supported?

Too rich for my blood, when compared what UTech are offering for the same price.

Hi Bruno,
Do you refer to the browser tool or for building games that run on MAC/Linux?

Building standalones for Mac/Linux.

Hey there, I’ve been going over the info I can find on ikinema for the past couple of days. With that said I haven’t yet invested or played with webanimate yet.

Just a couple quick questions (these aren’t deal breakers for me, just the first questions that came to mind)…

  1. If I retarget in webanimate and import it to the engine will it behave as if I had retargeted in-engine and still be able to use the same set of fbx animations between different rigs?(I assume so, as it would seem silly if it didn’t, but I just figured I’d ask to be sure) Or is the retargeting animation specific?

  2. Will I still be able to use blend nodes in conjunction with an ikinema run-time rig? I only ask because there are a select few situations where I see it being easier to pump out a few more short animations and blending between them rather than going through the hassle of calculating offsets and retargetting several rig controllers to reach the desired effect. If so, do I have the choice of whether the blend nodes are calculated before or after the ikinema nodes in the anim graph?

  3. For situations where you’re dynamically retargetting anims to reach a new position like in the promo video with the ogre swinging the club, do you provide your subscribers with an api or any other support for programmers to more readily work with the ikinema rigs? Or do we just have to come up with our own solutions for calculating offset transforms and kind of trial-and-error the kinks out of it?

  4. Are there switchable translation modes? In this video, the offsets seem to be linearly interpolated between the original pose and the desired location for a given frame of animation (within the curve he sets up). Can this be switched to maybe a logarithmic or cubic interpolation method?

  5. Can we create rig effectors for the character’s root bone and create root motion on the fly for distance/orientation reliant animations?

Regardless, it seems to be a fairly awesome product and I will most likely be signing up in the near future.


  1. Yes, retargeting is generic and not animation specific
  2. Yes, absolutely,
  3. We provide a few demo slutions as in the game, but almost ALL behaviours use these to new cases. The only ready-made solution is the foot placement node
  4. You can use any interpolation, linear, cubic, anything - we just take an input. The input could be world position or an offset to an animation
  5. Yes, root bone is like any other bone. IKinema solves on rotations AND positions so the root has an effector that stretches the root in place.


Hi guys,

We have added a new toolset in our Maya product for easy creation of game rigs.
[http://www.ikinema.com/?mod=documentation&show=184#Creating%20Rigs%20in%20Maya](http://www.ikinema.com/?mod=documentation&show=184#Creating Rigs in Maya)

I am trying to get an opinion here on whether this might be useful addition to WebAnimate for creating rigs?


Looks really good Alex, I would like to see that in Webanimate

Hi Alex,

I wanted to know how this works for a small team. Does the whole team need to have a license or can I just have the one guy doing the work have a license but still let the rest of the team use the result, integrated for their gamedev? I’m just curious on how to distribute the plugin for runtime instead of developing?


Hi Devero,
Only the technical animators need licenses. The plugin is not locked to a developer. If the team has 2 or more technical animators who are building rigs then to use the
WebAnimate tool-set simultaneously you will need more than one license. The plugin in unreal can be shared and in fact the plugin is the same for the whole organisation.
I hope this helps.

Hi Alex,

Just wondering if the automatic skin weighting portion of the webAnimate tool has been integrated yet. Looks like an amazing program overall.

Thanks for the comments!

Yes this is well under way, just polishing a few aspects on usability, but our estimate is to have this out in February! So not long :)…