IKinema now available in UE4 for $19,99/month for movie like procedural animation

Hi Community,

It’s here, it really is, movie like procedural animation for just $19.99 a month. Try it, you won’t believe how great it is!

We are very pleased to announce that IKinema RunTime is now fully integrated into Unreal Engine 4.

We have brought the full and optimized tool-set to you, nothing is hidden or disabled! We have followed the excellent
example of Epic and we are now pleased to offer all for just $19,99 per month. For the same subscription
you also get a professional account for WebAnimate.

You can easily achieve all this; This was built with the same plugin and you will get all this in the demo pack!

We have implemented many Blueprint nodes and procedural animation of
any creature, human or fantasy, couldn’t be now easier. This is documented here

To help you, we have put together many demo behaviours that would be good to get you going

The demo pack, demo game and assets could be found here
[http://www.ikinema.com/?mod=documentation&show=184#Demo Assets and Behaviours](http://www.ikinema.com/?mod=documentation&show=184#Demo Assets and Behaviours)

The initial run-time engine is PC only, but we will add iOS and Android in a couple of months.

This is just the beginning and we will be adding many more examples, tutorials as well as IKinema features like Centre of Mass animation,
Procedural 2D animation, balance, force and physics, but meanwhile feel free to pass questions to our forum

Save time and bring next generation animation to your games


Alex and IKinema Team

That’s actually pretty cool

very awesome, and useful!

Excellent work, well done :slight_smile:

It looks freakin’ awesome but what’s up with the lighting on some of the guards at 3:28-ish?

Does this work with the skeleton created with the A.R.T. tools provided within UE4 for Maya? Cuz that would be every single kind of amazing that has ever existed ever. :smiley:

Looks amazing!
Should allow usernames shorter than 7 letters though, that’s pretty silly.

Hi guys
Thank you for the feedback!

Yes it would work with the ART skeleton, we will actually do a quick demo behaviour on this to show you how. The rig is not fixed in IKinema in any way, as long as you have a continuous hierarchy of bones you can apply the solver, snake, human, dragon, anything…

From what I see on youtube, you can convert any skeleton into IKinema rig in maya. That assuming you have IKinema plugin for maya.

On other hand I don’t think runtime have any special requirments on how the skeleton should be contructed, you define everything in animation blueprint.

You don’t need Maya for the creation of the rig, you use WebAnimate, see the first tutorial here

You can do the same in Maya and the clients on our partner program do use our Maya based pipeline, but we have created a port of this to WebAnimate.

Any skeleton compatible with Unreal will work.

This is pretty impressive. I’ll no doubt be checking this out in the near future.


From reading through your license agreement, it seems that while you can cancel the subscription at anytime, but once you do cancel you lose all rights to use Ikinema in any way. Which includes having it in a game that you have already developed and are already selling. So from my layman understanding of your license, a developer would have to withdraw from sale any game that they had used Ikinema in, as soon as they stop subscribing.

While $19.99 a month seems a very reasonable price, this does seem a unusual license. Normally I would expect to at least be able to continue to sell games that was developed while I was subscribing, even if I couldn’t use the product to develop any future games

Hi Matt,

This is not meant to read in this way - you can definitely publish a game and continue sell the game even though you don’t have an subscription.

We will review how it reads now and we will amend if necessary so sorry for the confusion!


That’s how I read it as well. Please clarify this. If it’s true, I want no part of this…

On Edit: Sorry Alex I posted this at the same time you replied to Matt and just read your reply…

Hey thanks! Good to know.

Just watching these videos, looks to me like it blow HumanIK from AD out of water. So much time saving.
I’m not animator, but I will just play around it, to just see what is possible.

You guys really should part of IPP (:.

This looks pretty good. Here is some feedback which is probably influenced by the fact that I don’t need such functionality at the moment:

  • subscription for plugins doesn’t feel right, maybe it’s just because i’m not that used to the whole subscription and cloud idea (with UE and often updates + the source code it feels much more OK)
  • another thing, also because UE has some IK support, the price feels a bit too much, I guess because it’s the same as the whole engine

You can download plugin for free, At last I could, I don’t know if that is intended though or bug.
But with free version of WebAnimate you have for example limited possibilities of mocap retargeting etc., but it should be enough to play around.

I really don’t think that you pay as much as for plugin as for fully featured WebAnimate.

UE build in IK support is very limited. Especially because it is limited to only two bones right now.
IKinema have fully body IK solver, with multi targets (head can fallow one target, hands other and legs different one). Ir might not see as something you would need right now, but possibility of creating only one animation instead of 10, ti support full range of montions is huge time saver.

I think that must have been a bug that they have now fixed, as I just get a error message when clicking on the get unreal runtime button: “this feature is only available in the professional game package, you can upgrade here”.

I really think they need to start providing a trial, that is easy to download without jumping through a lot of hoops. There is the form for registering for the 28 day trial, but that seems like it might only be for console developers. After filling in the form, I got a email asking for details of my project and target platforms. At this stage I just want to try out the product and see if it might fit my needs.

Hi guys,

WebAnimate has a free option but the unreal plugin is a different download via the RunTime menu item.

I guess we are trying to save time at the end but also bring a realistic feel. Take for example aim, in our example we use just a single pose. In the example provided in Unreal, 15 animations are used for aiming.

You can play with the rigs in the free WebAnimate by downloading the pack and checking under the art assets and WebAnimate scenes *.wa.

Hi Matt,
The evaluation is mainly steered towards console developers as it requires filling in evaluation forms, NDAs, etc. we have simplified the whole process with the subscription based model and I guess you can go for 1 month to see whether it fits your needs. We might provide the demo game as executable to play with…